Basket ball

The institution has two Outdoor Basketball Courts. One each for juniors and seniors of International standard fitted with fibre glass.The Senior court is functional for both boys as well as girls, team being looked after by our PTI Mr. Bhuwan Joshi.


Two Indoor wooden badminton courts specially emphasizing to enhance girls performance are fully functional under guidance of our lady PTI. Girls are actively participating to represent at various Inter and command level competitions organized time to time by the Army welfare education society.

Golf & Horse Riding

Under the supervision of trained Army personnel’s a limited number of students in rotation are regularly being trained at the army golf ground and horse riding arena at 69 Mtn Bde, pithoragarh. Our golfers have been representing for various competitions organized by Army Welfare Education Society from time to time.


The institution owns the biggest football ground in pithoragarh along with the stadium seating capacity of 1500 people. The students are regularly being physically as well as technically trained to increase performance level for representations at different levels.